How To Harden Your WordPress Security


Security in your WordPress website and blog is much needed, for the reason we recommend the users to go for Bluehost as they provide great security along with Bluehost coupons ( for additional discount. As your WordPress website gain reputation in the online world, it will most likely to get attacked by various online threats. Most of the online threats can happen anytime, so you can Harden your WordPress security on how to add an extra layer of security in protecting your website or blog. As WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available in the market, the website or blog hosted by WordPress will most likely to get attacked. In this article be provided the guidelines to harden your WordPress security using the following mentioned steps.

Guide To Harden WordPress Security


Use these guidelines to Harden WordPress security for your website or blog. Read the instructions carefully before applying it on your WordPress website or blog.


The first step you can take to Harden your WordPress security is by updating everything in your WordPress account. You need to update your plugins, themes as well as WordPress core. Updating various tools will give you security patches rechecking result stop imminent online threats in your WordPress account. WordPress releases frequent updates with security patches to protect your WordPress website and blog from hackers and other threats.

Secure Username And Password

If you are having a WordPress account, then you know that WordPress uses the default admin as the username and password as the password for the login credentials. Most of the hackers try the default username and password to access your WordPress website or blog. You need to change the username and password to a unique one, this adds more security to your WordPress blogger website. Unique username and password prevent unauthorized access in your WordPress account.

Disabling Pingbacks And Trackbacks

Most of the WordPress users use pingbacks and trackbacks, you need to disable them to prevent online attacks on your WordPress blog or website. to disable them you need to go to the settings of your WordPress account and redirect to the discussion option. From the discussion page uncheck boxes which show “attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article” and “Allow link notification from other blogs”. Disabling them will prevent the comment spam which minimizes the chance of online attacks.

PHP Error Hiding

PHP is having a capability of debugging which provides the error message generated by PHP on your site. You can add this code in the front end of the WordPress website on the wp-config.php file to get the error message “define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true);. PHP error messages can indicate the attack of hackers by sending you error messages.

Last Words

we have gathered various information about WordPress security from the official website, as well as from the various WordPress users and posted them in this article for you. Use the guidelines in your WordPress account to add an extra layer of security. Share this informative article with others so that they can also harden their WordPress security by using the guidelines provided in the article. If you are also looking for siteground or such concession siteground coupon then land to WPTalks.